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"Gus Weiland and Brian Conigliaro go acoustic to mix blues and jazz fusion on originals. The duo's vocal harmonies combined with Coniglaro's virtuoso harmonica conjure up an evening of superb live music".

–New York Times

"Brian Conigliaro is amazing! He and Michael Goetz were so incredible during the Suite Music Series –two masters!"

–Sol Miranda, Embark Co-founder

Wheels of Commotion

Album Review


"The first word that comes to mind when listening to Brian Conigliaro’s music is integrity. What does that mean? He walks his talk – he lives, and creates art, by his values. He does not compromise his vision. Now this doesn’t make his music self-indulgent, rather, it gives it quality and depth. Nor does it mean that it is hard to listen to – instead it makes it exuberant and passionate. As a result, Brian’s latest effort with his Consort, WHEELS OF COMMOTION, is a joy to listen to.

Working essentially with bass, drums, piano, along with Mr. Conigliaro’s guitar, harmonica, and vocals, this album is rooted in the jazz tradition with meaningful soloing by these master musicians, but has a swirl of influences that range from rock, funk, blues, bossa nova to Latin music. This is understandable when you know the artists Conigliaro and his Consort have collaborated with over the years. These include Lou Rawls, Dizzy Gillespie, The Tokens, Mickey Dolenz, Patti Lupone, Paul Butterfield, The Brecker Brothers, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Dylan among others.

The album features eight terrific original compositions and three fascinating covers, that show his multiple influences. For example, one highlight of the album is a haunting, noir reworking of The Kinks song, “Tired of Waiting.” A favorite masterpiece on the record is his deep interpretation of the Miles Davis song made famous by Bill Evans, “Nardis.” Written during Davis’s “modal period,” that influenced his “Spanish” recordings, Conigliaro starts off with a virtuosic improvised acoustic guitar introduction in that style, before the quartet blasts into a stirring rendition to rival the best.

But the real stand outs on the record are Conigliaro’s originals. The title tune, “Wheels of Commotion,” swings easy in counterpoint under its evocative lyrics, which may be commenting all too closely on our current political condition. Another great track, “My Soul Is,” begins with Brian’s deft bluesy harp, and features a no-holds-barred vocal that reaches to the depths of that thing we call our soul. The words speak to that integrity thing – live fully, express who you authentically are, no matter the cost. Congiliaro and his quartet take it all the way on this album. It’s a trip worth going on."

-Glenn Berger

Author of Never Say No to a Rock Star, Nicholas Schaffner Award Winner for Music in Literature

Brian Conigliaro
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Bending Time

Album Review


Under the band name Two Guitars, Wieland and Conigliaro display soothing acoustic strokes synonymous with guitarist Gene Bertoncini heightened by dreamy Latin rhythms and the husky timbres of the vocals. Each track is beautifully groomed and branded with glittering chords versed with lulling swells. The Latin pulsations suspending "Black Magic Woman" sets the album on a springy chassis draped in Conigliaro's droning harmonica moans, and then shifts into a lullaby rhythm in "Riverfest".

–Susan Frances, Yahoo!

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